How to arrive

Coordinates of the door of the entrance path:

N 42º 1′ 33”

E  2º 46′ 30”

Coordinates of the house:

N 42º 1′ 32”

E  2º 46′ 37”


If you are coming from the AP-7 motorway, leave in the exit: Girona West.

After the toll, take the first exit of the roundabout, direction Sant Gregori.

Continue along this road, you will pass through a bridge over the motorway. At the next roundabout take the first exit, direction Cartellà.

Continue the road for a few kilometres, until reaching Cartellà, there turn to the right.

Continue straight on the road until finding the sign of Sant Medir, on the hill, and take the turnoff.

Once you take it, follow the road that goes down. About 100 m there is an open iron door on the right, in the forest. Turn there.

Take the descent and then turn left. After a few meters you will find Can Sici.